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mE brwOo


I`m a simple girl ◕

Who Look Like Me?
=>Miley Cyrus<=
=>Selena Gomez<=
=>Demi Lovato<=
=>Ashley Tisdale<=
=>Lady Gaga<=
=>Megan Fox<=
=>Taylor Swift<=
||-χ- i thInk` -χ-|| =
||-χ- I`m liKe Miley Cyrus. -χ-|| =

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Comments • 11

DebbyDebbzRyan 7 October 2010  
maybe like Tay<33Nobody knows!!I think you're unique<333
XxAshleyTisdale 7 September 2010  
Hmm,Lady Gaga....IDK :)
FanaCrazyLadyGagaNo1 6 September 2010  
cred ca Ashley sau Megan
Inna08 6 September 2010  
Maybe Ashley Tisdale....

xxmileyraycyrus 5 September 2010  
You`re so beautiful:)(K)(L)!
Maybe w/Ashley Tisdale!
catalynutzafanjustinbieber 31 August 2010  
XoXoEmyBlueXoXo 23 August 2010  
so cute!
bixelle 22 August 2010  
magiclife 21 August 2010  
u look is perfect
=>Taylor Swift<=
oOTaniutzZaOo 21 August 2010  
u are so sweet xD
u look like...hmmm..yes Chris is right..like Ashley Tisdale :)
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